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4 Reasons Why Fresh Roasted Coffee Is The Best

February 16, 2019 | by Jarrad

Coffee is a drink beloved by people of all cultures and backgrounds. The beverage in question is a symbol of productivity, creativity, and of course, quality. Most people can’t stand bad coffee, which is why they strive to look for an amazing coffee. For many, the search for the perfect cuppa has never ceased. Independent coffee brewers, grower, and baristas around the world are in a constant race to find the perfect coffee. Some coffee connoisseurs claim that the best coffees are freshly roasted and ground while others say that there are better ways to make coffee. We believe that when it comes to java, it’s all about preferences. There’s really no definitive and universally “better” coffee per se.


That being said, fresh roasts do have a very popular name, and different blends are beloved by quite a number of people. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of fresh roasts and why some believe that it’s the best type of coffee.


1. The Amazing Scent

Many people fall in love with coffee just because of the unique, intoxicating scent of the drink. Honestly, who can blame them? The first thing that fresh roasts win out is the aroma. If you have ever walked into a coffee shop that brews and roasts their own coffee, you know how heavenly the experience can be. The smell has a much more prominent effect on people, perhaps even more than the taste. You may be walking down the street when you smell a freshly-roasted batch of coffee beans, and it may be enough for you to decide to stop and have a cup.


2. The Numerous Health Benefits

Another reason why some believe that fresh roasts are the best type of coffee is the health benefits. Coffee has been known to have some significant health-related benefits such as cancer prevention, weight loss, and even blood sugar level regulation, lowering the risk of the development of diabetes. Although coffee is not the recommended drink for those with heart diseases or hypertension, it’s the case with all types of coffee, not just fresh roasts. However, it’s been found that the fresher the coffee bean, the more beneficial the brew, which is why fresh roasts have the most health benefits out of all coffees.


3. It’s a High-Quality Product

Because the process can take much longer in a local coffee shop than it would in a factory, the shop may be able to serve only a limited amount of freshly-roasted coffee in a day. Although you may not be able to get a ton of coffee when you’re making fresh roasts, what you get will be the best quality coffee you can find. It’s an exquisite experience that you can’t get with other types of coffee, and if you get a chance to try once, you may never go back to dark roasts again.


 4. The Pure Flavour

Unlike mass-produced coffee ground which has all been dark-roasted to the point where you can’t tell the difference between them, freshly-roasted coffees still retain much of their unique characteristics. The notes, the accent, and the aftertaste can be ruined by temperature and the age of the coffee beans, so when you roast the beans quickly with low temperature, you can preserve much of its true nature.

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