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A Guide to Choosing the Right Ground Coffee

March 1, 2019 | by Jarrad

Everyone knows that a great cup of coffee comes from the right coffee-making process. The type and quality of coffee beans play a huge part in the final taste of your coffee. This is why it’s crucial that you know how to prepare your coffee properly as well as how to select the right coffee. Although there is a huge selection of ground coffee available on the market, it’s important to understand that every type of coffee is different, and not every coffee you choose is going to deliver the best result.


There are certain things that you need to consider while choosing the coffee that suits your preferences the most. This article will be your guide to finding the right ground coffee for you.

Choosing Between Arabica and Robusta

The two main types of coffee that are widely available across grocery stores are Arabica and Robusta. When it comes to flavour, Arabica is well-balanced with bitterness and sourness whereas Robusta has a stronger and harsher taste. Robusta has more caffeine than Arabica, which explains why it has a more bitter taste. However, it should be noted that 100% Arabica is the best type of coffee, and it is superior to Robusta. Also, keep in mind that Arabica grows in different countries. For that reason, the flavour and smell will vary based on the region in which the coffee was grown. For example, Brazillian Arabica has a nutty aftertaste while Ethiopian Arabica has a hint of berries. There are also some coffee manufacturers that mix both types of coffee together to create a unique flavour as well. In the end, your choice between the two types of coffee will come down to your preferences.

Knowing How to Spot Quality Coffee With the Packaging

Coffee packaging matters to the quality of the coffee as the flavour can be directly affected by light and oxygen. Therefore, you should only look for ground coffee that comes in an air-tight container, sealed with foil paper with a valve which allows you to smell the coffee. The valve prevents air from getting inside while making it possible for excess carbon monoxide to escape. As a result, the flavour of the coffee is intact. If you find a sealed package of ground coffee with a valve, chances are the quality of the coffee is decent enough.

Understanding the Roast Level

The level of beans roasting also makes a huge impact on the flavour and aroma of your coffee. You can see the number indicated on the coffee package, where number 1 is the lightest roast and number 5 is the darkest. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the roast levels, from lightest to the darkest roast:


  1. Scandinavian Roast - The colour of the beans is light brown; the taste is soft and subtle.
  2. American Roast - The colour of the beans is intense brown; the flavour is slightly bitter and very subtle.
  3. Vienna Roast - The colour of the beans is dark brown and the surface is glossy; the flavour is quite sweet.
  4. French Roast - The bean has an intense chocolate colour; the flavour is both sour and bitter.
  5. Italian Roast - The bean is black in colour and the surface is oily; it has a deep flavour with intense bitterness.


Understanding the Grind Level

When it comes to ground coffee, the grind size is another thing that you should be aware of. Here are the four types of grind size:

  1. Coarse Grind - The cheapest kind of ground coffee out there, in a coarse grind, the beans are ground for 10 seconds or less. This is ideal for the piston method of coffee preparation when the infusion time is up to 7 minutes.
  2. Medium Grind - With a medium grind, coffee beans are ground for 14 seconds or less. This is ideal for all kinds of preparation methods. Infusion is up to 5 minutes.
  3. Fine Grind - The beans were ground for 20 seconds for a fine grind. This is best for filter coffee makers. Infusion time is up to 3 minutes.
  4. Exquisite Espresso - The consistency of this ground coffee is as fine as flour. This is perfect for making espresso as well as Turkish coffee prepared in jezve.


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