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Teas to Drink at Different Times of the Day - Our Guide

September 19, 2021 | by Jarrad

Whether you are trying tea for the first time or are trying to find a caffeine alternative to coffee, tea is a great drink at any time of the day. Some might choose to start their day with it or end their day with it, while others will drink it whenever they feel like it. Depending on the type of tea you are consuming, every kind has a different caffeine count. You should drink the more caffeinated teas in the morning and the more soothing ones before bed. Pick ones you find interesting and drink one cup per day so that you leave some room for exploration. Here are some of our recommendations:


Teas for when you wake up

Starting off the day with a light, aromatic tea is the best; which is why you're going to want to opt for white tea. This is a great tea to enjoy while your palette is still fresh. Green or black teas may cause some discomfort on an empty stomach. If you want to really get as much caffeine as possible out of your white tea, you should choose higher quality loose leaves and brew at about 200°F for better effectiveness in order to infuse that caffeine into your drink well.


The perfect brunch tea

Green tea is perfect for drinking just before lunch since it will add a little extra calorie-burning for when it comes time to eat. Not only will it boost your metabolism, but it will give you that great bitter flavour of the leaves. If you want less bitterness, you should steep the tea at lower temperatures for a longer steep time in order to keep its depth of flavour is not affected in the process.


Tea for lunchtime

Black tea is the best choice for drinking with food and is the most widely available one as well. You can pretty much find it at most restaurants, making it easy to drink with your lunch. It will also be enjoyable to drink with food since the water temperature can be variable, the tea is enjoyable with food as it might help you cancel out the sweetness and greasiness of some dishes. Black tea is stronger and will definitely bring a depth of flavour when paired with your meal.


Post-lunch teas

If you are finished with lunch and want to enjoy good tea that supports digestion, Pu-erh is a great one to check out. It is a little different from other teas in that it goes through a fermentation process before it is finally dried, making it great for preventing weight gain after a larger meal. It has a moderate amount of caffeine, which will help boost your mood while also not over-stimulating or preventing sleep.


Picking a good evening tea

Oolong tea is ideal for early evening, and while it still has some caffeine in it, it will not give off that wakefulness that you feel when you drink other teas. It will allow you to focus & have a good nights sleep.


Let us know what your favourite teas are on social media or in the comments below, we would love to know!

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