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The Complete Guide to Loose Leaf Tea

August 30, 2022 | by Jarrad

What makes loose leaf tea a more excellent option than tea bags?

Tea connoisseurs frequently talk about the deluxe flavour of loose tea leaves. Indeed, you might be wondering if there is a massive difference if you compare it with tea bags.

For one thing, such organic leaves require some space to expand for the water to bring out the distinct and aromatic flavour notes that make tea so relaxing to drink. This is precisely why even chock-full and larger pieces of tea were put in tea bags; they still could not match the one-of-a-kind flavours of loose leaf.

This is why even when fuller and larger pieces of tea are used in tea bags, they still could not be compared to the flavours of loose leaf.

How did you get into tea drinking?

We all have different stories to tell in terms of how we started getting into tea drinking.  But, one thing is sure, we are not only addicted to the unique and calming flavour and taste of organic tea, but we are also motivated to drink more of it due to its many health benefits.

More and more people these days prefer tea leaves because they are healthier options than conveniently-packed and mass-produced tea bags. Sometimes, we are not even sure of what these commercialized teabags contain.

Sometimes, we ask if the ingredients inside those tea bags are beneficial to our wellness. We are not trying to say that the tea bags we can buy in various stores aren’t safe; our main goal here is to encourage tea lovers to consider the benefits of making their own tea using organic and premium quality leaves.

Sure thing, creating our own tea recipes is healthier, and we can pick the ingredients we like.  Best of all, it’s a low cost, and at the same time, a very stress-relieving activity to do. And, we need not wonder whether it is safe to drink or not!

Black Loose Tea Leaves

Why is loose leaf tea the right choice?

  • Loose-leaf puts us in control.

When we make our own tea drink, we can use as little or as much tea, depending on our preference. In short, we can do experiments according to our unique sense of taste.

Loose tea leaves allow us to control the strength of our tea. So, this is beneficial because it considers our unique preference for how we decide our cup of tea to be. Isn’t it nice to have the freedom to create our own taste?

  • The quality of loose tea leaves is far more superior to others.

Experts asserted that there is a remarkable distinction in quality between tea bags purchased at supermarkets and loose leaf tea.

To understand this, even more, we can compare this to a bag of cookies. The cookies at the top of the bag which are whole and not torn into pieces are like loose tea leaves, while the crumbs found at the bottom of the bag are like the tea bags we commonly buy at local grocery stores.

Experts reveal that when farmers sort through the leaves, the dust instantly flies in the air, and then this falls onto the ground and cleared away- this is exactly what goes into the pre-packed tea bags.

Simply put, the tea used in tea bags is generally filled with dust or fannings- so this is inferior quality. Hence, picking premium quality leaves can significantly help formulate a better cup of tea and overall experience.

  • Loose leaf tea is bewitching.

Interestingly, something is fascinating and mysterious when partaking in the ritual of creating or blending your own tea- this is particularly true when this is carried out in an old-fashioned approach.

You cannot deny how magical it is to watch the tea leaves move in the water as the tea infuses to create a rich flavour and enchanting aroma.

To some, this might sound an insignificant detail; even so, the details certainly add up to a bigger picture.

How to brew loose tea leaves?

If the reason why you decide to purchase tea bags at local grocery stores is that you are too busy and think you do not have the time to blend your own tea recipe, then you better think twice.

Using tea leaves to make your own tea drink is not time-consuming and expensive at all. So long as you have your preferred ingredients, you can accomplish the task in no time without spending lavishly.

Before we explore the appropriate method of brewing our own tea recipe, let us first determine the necessary tools or materials needed when making our favourite tea blends:

  •  Tea Mug or Teapot

A tea mug or kettle is where you put the tea infuser in to brew your tea drink properly. The good news is that there are available tumblers made of glass and tea mugs these days that already equipped with infusers.

  • Tea Infuser

The tea infuser is responsible for keeping any leaves from hovering liberally in your mug while you drink. Plus, it allows you to stop infusing tea after your stated time. This is a valuable investment because it helps keep the loose tea leaves from tasting pungent or tart.

In addition to this, a paper filter can be used if you prefer something that you can dispose of right away. A basket infuser is also a great choice. You can put this in your kettle or tea mug. With proper care, basket infusers last a long time.

  • Tea Kettle

This is a must-have when boiling water. Conventional stovetop versions are quite practical to use. On the other hand, electric kettles are ideal for boiling water in a quicker and more efficient approach.

Now that we already have the ideas for the necessary tea making tools, let us explore the proper way of brewing our preferred tea blends:

Tray Of Brew Loose Leaf Tea

How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Tea With Loose Leaf Tea:

  1. Allow the water to boil in a pot or a kettle.
  2. Add the suitable or preferred quantity of organic leaves to your infuser.
  3. Position the infuser inside your mug or teapot. (If you intend to make iced tea, it is advisable to add more quantity of tea.)
  4. Pour the boiled water over the infuser into your kettle or mug. This approach would allow the hot water to whirl through the leaves.
  5. Set a time for your tea. The moment the time is over, submerge the infuser twice for the water to whirl.
  6. After that, it is high time to lift the infuser and put it aside for another round of infusing.
  7. Serve the tea in your favourite mug. Alternatively, put some ice if you want to enjoy a refreshing and cold tea drink.

Keep in mind that when trying to re-infuse your tea, it is essential to extend the process longer than the infusing time (add one more minute); this is for the flavour to be unleashed.

What about brewing iced tea? What is the proper way of doing this?

You can use a premium quality iced tea pitcher when brewing iced tea. Alternatively, you can adhere to the methods of making hot tea; however, this time, you’ll need to add more amount of loose leaf tea in your blend.

It is essential to consider that increasing the quantity of tea per mug allows for ice without minimizing the flavour.

Here are a few cues on how to brew your tea correctly:

When it comes to the water temperature, white and green teas, do best in hot water, while black teas in boiling water.

What matters the most is how oxidized the leaves are.  Among the types of teas, black teas are more oxidized and could handle hot heat.

Is it vital what you infuse the tea in? Your cup of tea would work fine, but take in mind that the steeping would be affected by the room temperature and type of teacup you use.

So, if you are really into tea drinking, it would not cost you much if you invest in an unglazed earthenware teapot. After all, you deserve to reward yourself. This is an ideal investment since it does a great job of brewing the tea faster and consistently.

Lastly, allow the tea to stay in the water for approximately one to five minutes- or depending on your personal preference. When preparing black teas, two up to three minutes is the highly recommended time for steeping.

Bear in mind that excessive steeping could produce a very bitter brew. But, then again, this is up to you. Some of us prefer a pungent taste. We have different preferences, anyway!

There you have it. Hopefully, this post has provided you with some valuable information about preparing your own loose leaf tea. You have learned why they are healthier and better options than tea bags out there.

Don’t forget to consider the brewing guides shared in this post, so you can fully enjoy your relaxing tea! Happy brewing!

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